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Automated Features

These are a few automated features of


Birthday Wish and Notification SMS / Notifications is sent to all members of the club


Wedding Anniversary Wish and Notification SMS / Notifications is sent to all members of the club

SMS Interaction

An SMS message is never missed by members. It proves to be the most effective and economical way to send information right to the hands of the member.

Unique Sender ID

Clubs can opt for a Unique Sender ID for their clubs. Sender ID is the name or number which flashes on the recipient's mobile phone when they receive an SMS Text message.

Instant Messages

Instant Messages can be sent to selected few or all members(as per your selection). Members receive the SMS in 1 - 10 minutes.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule a message to be delivered on a particular date to a selected few or all members. Members receive the sms at around 8 am on the chosen date.

Personal Messages

Send Personal Messages to all or selected members of the club.

Email Interaction

When a lot of data along with images need to be sent, you can use our rich text email sending options.

Activities in Emails

Send your Minutes, Events or Projects along with photos, directly to the Emails of your Members

Personal M2M Emails

Every member can login and send Personal Rich Text messages with images to other member(s) of the club.

Instant Emails

Administrators can send Bulk Rich text Emails to selected few or all members of the club

Scheduled Emails

Scheduled Emails are sent to the selected or all members on the chosen date.

Printing from MyClubOnNet

Most of the pages are print enabled pages and aligns to the paper size you are using. Still you will love the extra effort we took for a few sections that need to be printed frequently.

Members Address Labels

One single click to print out Address Labels of all club members. Just print - Cut - Stick.

District/Area Address Labels

Address Labels of All Presidents and Secretaries in the District/Area in a single click.

Other Printing

Most of the pages are print enhanced. You can print Newsletters, Club Members details, BOD List, District/Area Officials List, Activities List or details, etc.,

Club Administration Features

We simplify most of the book work and now the administrators of the clubs have more time to concentrate on fruitful club businessess.

Digital Roster

Since all members have access, Your club roster is now always up-to-date with the latest information.

Subscription Manager

Subscription Manager to help you collect full or part club subscriptions.

Board of Directors

Easily assign members to the Board, Option to send SMS only to the BOD.


Post Club Activities with photos, Send them to Email of all members, also sent in monthly newsletters.


You can print the invoices of all payments made to us for your book keeping.

SMS History

A full record of your utilized sms credits is maintained for reference.

Facebook Feeds

Facebook page feeds of your club displayed here. Helps those who dont have a FB id.

SMS Settings

Birthdays and Anniversaries reminders to all other members can be turned on/off. Default messages can also be changed.

Features for All Members

Each and every member can access club information instantly. We have listed a few of the featues available to all members.

Member Search

Search any member by name, business classificaton, blood group, etc from within your club or beyond.

Edit Profile

Every member can edit nearly all information in their profiles. An alert system guides members in completing their profiles.

Family Members

Members can update their family members and if Birthday wishes for family members is enabled, then remiders are sent on their birthdays as well.

Personal Emails

Every Member can send an Email Message to another member or all members of their club right from the application.

Personal SMS

Members can purchase Personal SMS Credits and send SMS messages to all members in their club. Personal SMS History is maintained.

District / Area Features

If your club is a part of a District / Area, all your members get access to the entire District / Area Digitil Directory and other features

Online District Directory

District Teams, District Events, Other Clubs, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc

Advance District Search

Search anyone from the district - Blook Group, Classification, etc

Website API

Integrate Details like District Directory, Activities, etc on Websites

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